8645 BISP CNIC Check Online 2023 | Ehsaas 2000 Subsidy Online Registration

8645 BISP CNIC Check Online 2023 | Ehsaas 2000 Subsidy Online Registration

Last Updated on: 6th October 2023, 01:12 am

8645 BISP CNIC Check Online 2023

In this article, we will cover the complete details of the 8645 BISP CNIC Check Online 2023. The Government of Pakistan has introduced a new program that will provide a rashan subsidy of Rs 2,000. While some people are aware of the registration process, many others are still unaware of it. Today, We’ll explain how you can take advantage of this opportunity, and We’ll also give you details of another important development.

The federal govt recently introduced a new access code, 8645, which has been making the rounds on social media for some time. I will explain to you the purpose of this code and how you can benefit from it. Stay tuned for a detailed explanation of how to apply online and get the most out of this new code.

8645 BISP Check Online 2023 | Ehsaas 2000 Subsidy Online Registration

First, it is important to note that women who are eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) are automatically included in any new program. Those who are already eligible will opt-in to upcoming programs with no additional steps. When applying for BISP NSER Survey, individuals are automatically considered for other programs as well. For example, under the Ehsaas rashan program, only BISP-eligible women could benefit from a free flour subsidy.

In the past, there was a scheme called ‘Code 786’ where eligible persons received 2,000 Rupees in cash. The application process ensures that once your Ehsaas eligibility has been determined and stored in the system, you do not have to provide your details again. So all you have to do is apply and your eligibility status for all relevant schemes will be taken into account.

8645 Code Ehsaas Program Online Registration

A new initiative called the 8645 BISP Scheme has recently been launched for women eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program. Although this program has been running for a long time, until now it has been limited to certain districts.

However, it was decided to expand the scope, which resulted in greater coverage. However, there are still districts implementing a similar program to Benazir Nashonuma, and a small number of people have not yet received assistance. Efforts are being made to ensure that this help reaches everyone and it is expected that the rest of the people will benefit from the Ehsaas program soon.

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8645 BISP New Code Online Registration

Now let’s talk about the new code 8645 that is circulating on social networks these days that says that if you send them your CNIC ID Card Number, you will be included in Benazir’s Income Support Scheme. You send messages where you don’t even know how much you can lose.

The 8645 code is not currently used for program recordings, nor is it assigned by the Government of Pakistan. There is currently no official information available about this new code. If there are any updates to this code, you will be notified of this article.


Please make sure that this code is linked to Bank Al Falah and is used by the bank to notify customers about depositing money into their accounts. Sending a message to this code will not enroll you in any Ehsaas program. Thanks for your understanding.

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