CNIC ID Card Number Check Online Pakistan With Picture

CNIC ID Card Number Check Online Pakistan With Picture | NADRA Tracking ID Check SMS

Last Updated on: 23rd May 2024, 06:32 am

CNIC ID Card Number Check Online Pakistan With Picture

In this article, we will cover how to CNIC ID Card Number Check Online Pakistan With Picture. As we all know NADRA provides an online verification system for all Pakistanis to check their CNIC ID card online by mobile phone.

NADRA Pakistan increases the score of Pakistan and Pakistanis due to the security system improving day by day as Pakistan is facing many security problems. Work with your name. It is a very important issue in Pakistan that every Pakistan must cooperate with NADRA officials to save Pakistan and Pakistani nations.

CNIC Tracking by SMS 8008: ID Card Details

For NADRA CNIC Details and Bio Data, text 7000 with your Computerized National Identification Number. NADRA’s automated system will re-broadcast your message and provide you with your CNIC ID card details.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister ordered NADRA to recheck the CNICs of all Pakistani citizens. It is thanks to Mullah Mansoor or Muhammad Wali who was killed in Pakistan by a drone strike and found fake CNIC near his car.

The CNIC review is necessary because Afghans are going to Pakistan and taking the CNIC away from NADRA but due to terrorist activities in Pakistan the Baluchistan government and the KPK government are asking the federal government to send Afghans back to his country because now Afghanistan is doing fine.

I understand that. But you have to throw out the retired army officers who are directors, etc. in NADRA. They can easily forward letters to their good Taliban nearby. Secondly, there must also be a means by which every person on the streets is checked for an identity card and not asked to be checked.

A new design is expected to be released while the old one has been canceled so that the millions of Afghans who own Pakistan’s CNIC and use it to travel abroad illegally can also be stopped.

A training seminar on the National Contingency Plan for the re-examination of the NADRA online portal hosted by the Operations Division was held for NADRA staff under the specific guidance of the Hon. CH Nisar, Minister of the Interior.

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How To CNIC Number Bio Data Online Free?

NADRA has officially announced two ways to get the complete information/biological data of the owner of the CNIC ID Card.

First Way To Check ID Card Bio:

Access your mobile SMS (message):

  • Write down the CNIC number and send this SMS (message) to 8300/- Nadra will send you the details of the owner of your CNIC Home/Location via SMS.

Second Way To Check ID Card Bio:

In this way, NADRA will collect Rs. 10 Pakistani rupees.

  • For example, go to the mobile messaging service again, enter the ID card number, and send it to 7000. After a few seconds, NADRA will reply with the CNIC ID card information.

Please note that NADRA does not display the name of the ID card holder and his father’s name.

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