6G is Coming Soon In Several Countries

6G is Coming Soon In Several Countries

6G is Coming Soon In Several Countries

Several countries are transitioning to 5G technology as the technology has become mainstream over time. However, since it’s proving to be a hit, many are already planning to upgrade to 6G soon. Tech companies and even governments are very interested in the topic.

6G connectivity has performance requirements including 1Tbps maximum data rate, less than 100µs latency, etc. Compared to current network technology, 6G can deliver 50X faster peak data speeds and reduce latency by 10X.

Governments like South Korea are particularly interested in the future of network technology. The President’s Transitional Committee said:

As for future drivers of economic growth, the current government is focused on non-memory chips, future autos and biotechnology, and healthcare. The new government plans to add 6G communications, secondary batteries, displays, defense and aerospace, advanced nuclear power plants, and digital content.

Many aim to have 6G prototypes developed by 2026 so that the technology can easily be commercialized in the late 2020s. However, the South Korean government is keen to perfect the technology and wants it to happen as soon as possible.

There is still a lot to be done in research and development before 6G technology can be perfected. However, progress is steady and the South Korean government’s plans could come true very soon.

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