Who is Lee Martyn of Keyham, Plymouth?

Who is Lee Martyn of Keyham, Plymouth? Biography, Wiki, Age, Victims, Shot Dead And Police Investigation Report

Last Updated on: 16th August 2021, 01:08 am

Who is Lee Martyn of Keyham, Plymouth?

Lee Martyn is a victim in the Plymouth shooting.

Authorities on Friday identified the five people who were shot dead by a lunatic murderer in the UK, including a father who, as per the witness statements, died unsuccessfully trying to protect his 3-year-old daughter.

Little Sophie Martyn and her foster father Lee were massacred in bloodshed by 22-year-old Jake Davidson on Thursday, Devon & Cornwall police said in a statement.

Lee Martyn’s Age

His current age is 43 years.

How The Incident Occurred?

As per the Daily Mail, witnesses saw the father try to flee from the shooter with his daughter pushing a stroller.

“There was no noise or shouting, they just ran,” one witness told the media.

“That guy with the gun stopped about five meters in front of you, raised the gun to his shoulder and shot him in the back.”

“He ran into his daughter and protected her, even though she may be dying.”

Davidson “walked up to her, stood on her and shot an inch to finish her off,” said the witness.

The slain father and his wife, an intensive care nurse at the Derriford hospital where the victims of the shooting were taken, adopted Sophie as a baby, The Sun reported.

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Who Are The Suspects To Be Arrested?

Police say the weapon used, a shotgun, was legally acquired and owned in 2020.

As per The Sun, it is legal in the UK with a fixed magazine capacity of three rounds and a shotgun certificate. valid.

The shooting ended in less than six minutes, but included 13 different crime scenes, police said.

Davidson then pointed the gun at himself before the gun officers could board.

The motive for the unnecessary attack that left an entire community in grief has yet to be determined, Cornwall Police Chief Shaun Sawyer told a press conference on Friday.

“We believe we have a nationwide incident that took place on the streets in which several people in Plymouth lost their lives in exceptionally tragic circumstances,” Sawyer told reporters on Friday.

It was the deadliest mass shooting in Britain in more than a decade.

Law enforcement investigations revealed Davidson’s social media revealed a troubled person and an outright misogynist.

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