How To Donate To Prime Minister Flood Relief Fund?

How To Donate To Prime Minister Flood Relief Fund?

How To Donate To Prime Minister Flood Relief Fund 2023?

The federal government earlier this month established the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund 2023to bolster ongoing financial relief efforts for victims of devastating floods.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) administers the fund while the Accountant General of Revenue of Pakistan (AGPR) maintains the fund’s accounts.

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), along with all commercial and microfinance banks, has opened accounts in its branches across the country to receive donations in cash, cheques, money orders, and drafts.

The Flood Relief Fund is open to donations from domestic and international donors. In this way, domestic and international donors can donate to the PM Flood Relief Fund.

How Domestic People Can Donate?

Cash Deposit

Citizens can deposit money into the fund by going to the nearest bank branch. Banks transfer all cash received to the SBP fund account on a daily basis.

Personal Check Deposit

Citizens can deposit crossed checks in the name of the fund in the safe deposit box of their respective banks. Banks have installed mailboxes in their branches across the country.

Banks debit the customer’s account and transfer these amounts to the fund account with SBP on a daily basis.

Alternate Channels

Citizens can also use internet banking, mobile banking, ATMs, and mobile wallets to donate to the fund account via the Interbank Funds Transfer Service (IBFT)/RAAST.

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How Can International People Donate?

Bank Wire Transfers

Overseas Pakistanis can donate to the fund by transferring money to the fund account maintained by their respective bank. All they have to do is ask their bank to debit their accounts and transfer a certain amount to the fund.

The banks transfer these amounts to the SBP fund account via the Real Time Gross Settlement (LBTR) system.

Alternate Channels

Overseas Pakistanis can also donate through Money Services Bureaus (MSBs), Money Transfer Operators (MTOs), and Exchange Houses (EHs) under the Home Remittance Receiving Facility. Banks also transfer these amounts to the SPB fund account via the LBTR system.

Important Note: The account designation for the fund is the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund Account 2023. However, donors must obtain the account number and IBAN Number from their respective banks before making a donation to the fund.

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