Edinburgh Castle, Facts, Events and History

4 Famous and Historical Edinburgh Buildings MUST Visit As a Traveller

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland with an area of ​​264 kilometre square and a total population of over 489,000. Edinburgh Famous Buildings are not the only Scotland’s identity, it can also be considered as the country’s second largest city.

In addition to the centuries-old and historical buildings, other sights and architectural structures are the attraction for tourists, which is why hundreds of tourists come here each year.

Today’s article contains information on Edinburgh famous buildings and it’s historical value.

Edinburgh Castle, Facts, Events & History

Edinburgh Castle, Facts, Events and History
Edinburgh Castle, Facts, Events and History

For those who want to see the beautiful city of Edinburgh in Scotland, it is a must.

Edinburgh Castle was originally built in the early 12th century on an area of ​​35,737 square meters on a volcanic slope.

The purpose of building at a height is to enjoy the beautiful view of the fortress from a distance.

The fort served as a residence for the royal family until the 17th century, but later became a military barracks.

The fort is historically significant and is considered the identity of Edinburgh. It houses buildings from the 12th to the 21st centuries.

The fort was recently selected by the British Travel Awards as one of the UK’s most impressive cultural heritage sites.

Palace of the Sacred Way

The Holy Road Palace is actually the official residence of the British King.

The current building of this beautiful palace was built between 1671 and 1678. The palace is surrounded on all sides by beautiful landscapes and gardens.

It is on the opposite side of Edinburgh Castle at the end of Royal Mile Street. Holy Road Palace Edinburgh is a major tourist attraction.

It is estimated that more than 8,000 tourists visit Holy Road Palace every year. If you want to spend time in a royal palace, visit the Holy Road Palace in Edinburgh, the place where many kings led their luxurious lives.

Queen Elizabeth II spends a week here in the summer.

Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh Restaurant

The Balmoral Hotel is an old and historic 19th century building in Edinburgh that was originally built as the North British Station Hotel.

The building, built in 1895, is still known as a luxury property and a landmark in Edinburgh.

It was built on the corner of Edinburgh’s famous Princes Street. The building is designed in a traditional Victorian style and designed by Scottish architect William Hamilton Betty.

The hotel building has 168 rooms and a luxurious restaurant and Edinburgh spa.

The 190-foot bell tower outside the second building shows the time three minutes ahead of us so that Edinburgh residents can never miss their trains.

Old Scottish Parliament Building, Edinburgh

Edinburgh famous and historical buildings
The Scottish Parliament Building was opened in 2004 by Queen Elizabeth II.

The architectural design of the building is unique and beautiful from the traditional architecture of this city.

The building, built on Holly Road in Edinburgh, was designed by Spanish architect K. Merrills.

Construction began in 1999 and was completed in five years. The building is designed with beautiful glass between steep cliffs and hills.

Characteristic architectural features include a leaf-shaped construction design, as well as a green roof and stone walls of old buildings.

The same type of material has been used in different places to make the beauty of the building unique.

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