Ayla Malik Leaked Audio Tape with Imran Khan

Ayla Malik Leaked Audio Tape with Imran Khan (13 Minutes)

Ayla Malik Leaked Audio Tape with Imran Khan (13 Minutes)

Audio clip of former Pakistani Prime Minister, PTI Party leader Imran Khan speaking indecently to a woman. This audio tape is going viral on social media these days.

After the alleged leaking of 3 audios of this type of Imran, there was an earthquake in Pakistani politics. It is said that it was costly for Imran to take on General Bajwa and the ISI leader. ISI received this audio from Imran’s phone as part of the storyline. Although PTI calls this fake audio.

The female voice in the audio is said to be that of Ayla Malik. Please say that Ayla comes from a large political family in Pakistan and was also an MP. There are reports in Pakistani media that Imran Khan gave Ayla Malik Rs 70 lakhs.

Ayla Ran Imran’s Campaign

Ayla malik was born on 6th October 1970, in Mianwali. She is 52 years old and completed her first degree in Pakistan. She then went abroad to study. In addition to being a journalist in the Pakistani media, she was also a politician. Her husband, Yar Muhammad, is also one of Pakistan’s great leaders. She has 2 children.

Ayla is the niece of former Pakistani President Sardar Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari and the sister of former Minister Sumaira Malik. Ayla Malik is considered one of Pakistan’s best leaders.

It’s one of the best faces of the PTI. She was also a member of the Pakistani Assembly. She took command of the election campaign from Imran Khan in the Mianwali region.

Ayla Told Imran The Heroes Of The Land

In addition to being a politician, Ayla Malik has presented on a TV channel. In 2009, Imran Khan appeared in Ayla’s TV show. Ayla and Imran are said to have been in love with each other for a long time. Ayla loved Imran very much. He also entrusted Imran to the country’s hero during a broadcast.

Ayla was a member of the Pakistan Assembly from 2002 to 2007. After 2007, she joined Imran’s party. In 2013 he was offered Imran to compete from his headquarters in Mianwali but was not allowed to compete after his intermediate diploma was found to be false.

Ayla’s sister Sumaira was the leader of Nawaz Sharif’s party at the time. They say that his hand is behind everything.

Three allegedly obscene audio recordings of Imran Khan have been leaked in Pakistan. This racy conversation comes between Imran Khan and Ayla Malik. In it, Imran Khan and Ayla talk about their physical relationship. Very naughty things happen between Imran Khan and Ayla in all three videos.

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