Prime Minister Hunarmand Pakistan Program 2022 Online Apply

Prime Minister Hunarmand Pakistan Program 2022 Online Apply | Free Courses

Prime Minister Hunarmand Pakistan Program 2022 Online Apply

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced the admission of students who wish to take different types of courses and earn money from the Prime Minister Hunarmand Pakistan Program 2022 Online Apply. The NAVTTC announced that students studying in different universities and enrolling in many industrial units, these types of students need to take a three-month course, and want to complete this course for free, these types of students can be admitted.

In some NAVTTC courses and can get all kinds of education from the same institute. Now the policy is that students who are currently enrolling and have not completed a degree are those types of students who are eligible and can be admitted under the policy.

Some of the students who think they have too many bad grades in the previous semester and don’t have a score sheet from the previous semester and year, these kind of students are eligible because it is important that they send the score sheet first from their previous class and are then eligible for admission.

The government of Pakistan comes forward and announced that all types of students will study in different types of technical institutes and get a degree in plumbing. All students are eligible and can pursue an education, but if they are homeless and do not provide their institute’s registration number, this type of student is not eligible. application form online apply 2022

More than 150 institutes are approved for this NAVTTC courses. This time, most colleges have computer science colleges, and they always advertise admissions in these fields, but some of the students who get bad grades and don’t pay this tuition fee, that kind of students, get admitted by this institute.

All the students who are taking courses in colleges or institutes and some of the students who are not admitted in this state and want to get the profile of this course and know the list of suitable colleges for this type of student, please click this link and they can get the address and information of the institute.

Some of the students who think that private institutes are suitable for this type of student only see the list and can check if only state institutes can be admitted. After the NAVTTC courses, the government of Pakistan issued a certificate and also issued diplomas for a 6-month course and the admissions committee of this institute announced that this certificate is valid in different countries and students who take these courses get a position in this one institute can get.

NAVTTC Courses list 2022

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud computing
  • Mechatronics
  • Plumbing
  • Welding

Some NAVTTC courses last 3 months and others 6 months. The contents of these NAVTTC courses and the list of practice days are listed on the website.

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Students simply click on this link and can download the admission form from this article.

On the admission form, students write the name and also the name of the degree program with the duration.

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