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What is Physics?

Physics can be said to be the study of general phenomenon, phenomena that occur under a variety of conditions. Physicists are looking for general principles that apply to a variety of phenomena.

Geologists study the structure of the earth, biologists study living things, chemists study chemical reactions, astronomers study the starry sky, while physicists study the general principles that apply to all of this. For example, everything that happens follows the principle of energy saving. Stones, living things, chemical reactions and stars (as far as we know) obey this principle. Therefore, energy saving is seen as a principle of physics. In short, physics is said to be the study of “universal phenomena”.

Branches of Physics

In general, physics has the following main branches:

Theoretical Physics:

  • Classical Physics – Classical Mechanics and Classical Field Theory.
  • Quantum physics – quantum mechanics and quantum field theory.
  • Statistical physics: classical thermodynamics, quantum statistics and statistical field theory.
  • Mathematical physics
  • Cosmology

Applied Physics:

  • Mechanics – dynamics, elasticity and fluid mechanics.
  • Electronics: circuit theory and semiconductor physics
  • Optics

Multidisciplinary Branches:

  • Biophysics
  • Astrophysics
  • Physical chemistry

I have not included certain branches as this is a broad classification and most of them fall into one of the above categories.

10 Best Applications of Physics

You could say that our ability to understand, design, and manufacture the latest technology is based on physics at a certain level and at a certain point in history. Here are some cool apps (for me):

  • Each electronic device you use is based on classic E&M physics and semiconductor quantum physics, which were first developed in the first half of the 20th century.
  • Modern lithography that can be used to create billions of transistors on your phone’s chips, laptops, cloud servers, routers, etc.
  • Lasers (and detectors) that enable pointers, industrial cutters, high-speed core networks, many types of detectors and sensors
  • Mass spectrometry, Raman spectrometry, absorption spectrometry, etc., all technologies used in science, industry or forensic medicine to find out what is in a gas, liquid or solid …
  • NMR, CAT, and other healthcare imaging
  • GPS and the offsets required due to the relativistic effects of Earth’s orbit to enable accurate location
  • All types of atomic clocks that enable the modern precision timing that is used throughout
  • LED that emits light in multiple colors at low power
  • Accelerators used in medicine to treat diseases and in science to analyze materials
  • Active cooling or heating through the Peltier effect to control the temperatures in detectors or refrigerators without a compressor.

Why do I like Physics so much?

Like most curious young people, I was a child who never stopped asking questions.

Why is the sky blue?
Why do things fall and not fall?
Why can we see light but no sound?

All of these questions have found answers in physics. Physics can explain processes and phenomena with the help of exhaustive explanations, laws that cannot be disregarded, and exhaustive calculations and tests. It will tell you why things are happening and you can use it to show that your explanation is correct.

Physics is the science of truth.

When I got older, I kept asking questions. However, some of the questions did not have a clear and correct answer.

Why are you blaming me for something I didn’t do?
Why are there bad people?
Why did he have to die?

These questions scare me because I can’t answer them. I can’t explain these things any more than I can fly or teleport or magically clean my room with a magic wand.

Regardless of how you try to answer these questions, you cannot prove that your answer is true.

I love physics because it puts me in a world where everything is based on principles and laws.

I love physics because it’s about the truth.

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