How to Make a Good VLog (VLogging - IGTV)

How To Make a Good VLog in 2024?

How To Make a Good Vlog in 2024?

If asked what is the most important activity on the Internet at this time?

You probably have to reply to ‘Blog‘. Yes! Blogging is now counting on the internet’s most important and popular activity, whether written, audio, or video.

Blogging was started back in 2003 and these series have now progressed to Photo-Blogging, sketching, and Video Blogging.

Music and audio (Podcast) blogging is also one of the most updated media. However, this Video-blogging (Vlogging) is more visible in these types of social media advertising campaigns.


Vlogging was called a Podcast during the start of blogging. This term was used for both blog and blog posts of video and audio, however, Vlogging is now used only as ‘Video Blogging’.

This is a brief written matter, which is used as a video for expression, such as content that is shared with a person on personal websites or social media accounts regularly.

Any student can start a variety of Vlogging, for example, to earn money from YouTube channels or to present their own opinions.

Behind the video blog, you are comfortable, whatever is, but for that, you need the tips that can make your video blog a success.

Below are some useful tips for making an excellent Vlog:

The Intellectual Selection Of The Audience

Before making your YouTube channel or starting Vlogging, first, choose your target audience (specific viewers). This choice will be made wisely by adopting caution, which should be completely personalized.

For example, where do you want to connect with your video blogging?

Most people choose broad themes for Vlogging when often the selection is a group of certain people.

Keep An Eye On The Trends

If you want to make your video blog the most popular, take care of the trends. The video blog title should be consistent with the needs and interests of your target market.

However, if you are already passionate about any topic, you will need to add selected audience content to your video blog.

Title of The VLog

Journalist students are taught that any headline of any news should be such that the reader’s first look should be forced to read the whole story.

The title of your Vlog should be attractive and inspiring and follow the trends.

Focus On The Quality

You can not win your viewer’s hearts until you add interesting content to your video blog.

The goal is that unless you focus on your video blog quality, you can not create a perfect video blog.

Keep an eye on the Editing and Audio portion during your video blogging, your Vlog must contain simple and clear words.

YouTube video

Know The Audience

You need to know your potential viewers, what they like or dislike, and to which age group they belong.

Also, know what things your potential viewers are more passionate about and by which they don’t.

What is the nature of their type etc?

If you can identify the audience in relation to your Vlog then there is no reason to show that your Vlog will soon get famous.

Discussion On New Bloggers or VLoggers

If you want people to know or increase the number of visitors you need, you need to comment on others’ Vlogs.

It is the best idea for a new Vlogger, who has just launched a new channel on YouTube. To complete your target, you have to find your audience and tell them about your struggles and objectives, and this is only possible when you view and comment on other Vlogs.

For example, if you are making a Vlog regarding Make-up, see other Make-up Vlogs. Similarly, if you are making Travel Vlogs then see other travel Vlogs.

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