Best 10 Free Email Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

Best 10 Free Email Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

10 Best Free Email Marketing Tools

Are you looking for the best free email marketing tools available for WordPress which is free of cost and you don’t have to spend a lot of hefty amount for email marketing plugins?

In this article, I will be explaining the top 10 free email marketing tools for WordPress. As we all know that email marketing plugins play an important role in businesses whether it is a small or large scale business.

Email marketing plugins should always be the best one and reliable one because your complete business communication is relying on email marketing plugins.


As you have to communicate with all of your clients through email so it should be the one that can handle bulk email marketing services.

Below top 10 free email marketing tools for WordPress is your best savior.

The mentioned below top 10 free email marketing tools for WordPress are designed for different types of businesses. We will help you in choosing your reliable and great option according to your business needs.

Best Email Marketing Plugin For WordPress

WordPress automated emails options are also available on the below top 10 options, so don’t worry just keep on reading this article.

Mailchimp WordPress

Mailchimp is one of the best and recognized email marketing service providers in WordPress because it is very easy to use and people don’t have to suffer a lot for learning it to use it in the best way.

Mailchimp will be very helpful when it comes to growing your business list very efficiently and will satisfy your customers to grow your business.

Mailchimp has very different features and a few of them include creating clients’ sign-in forms and it will directly be added to the business WordPress website. One more feature is that if you purchase the mail chimp website (premium customers only) you can see and check the complete and elaborative reports related to your different campaigns which help you to track your growth efficiently.

You can buy Mailchimp from here.

Sendinblue WordPress

Sendinblue is the original and official plugin for WordPress for all the Sendinblue best email marketing services. Sendinblue is the best WordPress plugin that can handle all of your marketing and email marketing stuff which has been easily operated from inside of your WordPress plugin.

Sendinblue has several great features available without any cost, few of the key features are described below:

Sendinblue comes in one of the top 1 free email marketing tools for WordPress and the reason for this is that it helps in creating clients’ subscriptions forms and implant them in various posts, websites pages, etc.

Also, it helps in the segment and operates your business newsletter in so many different ways which are also very useful for your business growth.

You can purchase Sendinblue from this link.

Active Campaign

Active campaigns include the top 10 free email marketing tools for the website. Active campaigns help in creating the best and connecting with your customers because it is a CEA platform full form stands for customer experience automation platform.

It manages all the things which are behind the scenes like managing sales, marketing expenses, and customer support procedures (basically everything).

You can purchase an active campaign from here.

Constant Contact WordPress

Constant contact is a well-recognized company that can handle all types of small-scale businesses. It creates the social presence of your business and is also very helpful in email marketing tools.

Constant Contact helps you to track your email marketing efforts because now you know how much selling and purchasing is happening inside your business.

You can purchase an active campaign from this link.


Hubspot free version includes one of the best email marketing tools because in this we can have access to data with a lot of employees and clients at the same time.

Hubspot email marketing platform has so many different features like newsletters, email of sales, and different types of email templates, etc which makes your work pretty easier and less time-consuming. This includes in the top 10 free email marketing tools for WordPress.

HubSpot email marketing plugin can be bought from here.


CoSchedule is the best and all-rounder platform which includes several things like managing content, designing, executing, and finalizing it in an elegant way which makes things so easy to understand for the users. It makes the concept of a drag and drops calendar interface very easy and plans things in one place.

This is also a great tool for best email marketing for WooCommerce.

You can purchase CoSchedule from this link.


Drip is a unique email marketing tool that sends or we can say drip a pre-written bunch of texts to send/drip clients. This is great when it comes to time-saving and saves the workers from an unlimited amount of repetitive work which is tiring and irritating at the same time.

Also, drip makes the chances of individual error very low. You only have to set the changing once and this is how we can use it as email subscribers and newsletters WordPress plugin.

You can purchase drip from here.

Omnisend Email Marketing

Omnisend is a multiple-user platform that can be used in several ways for marketing your brand because this does not only handle email but it also manages SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, google ad system, pop-ups, segmentation and push notifications is a complete rounder in a very minimal price.

You can buy Omnisend from this link.


ConvertKit is a great tool and very helpful for growing your follower or audience, creating a strong and foster community, and earn a strong income virtually and using this is also very easy you don’t have to suffer a lot to learn Convert kit. It is pretty user-friendly.

ConvertKit can be bought from this link.


GetResponse is a new email marketing campaign tool in which you can get loyal customers to your email list because through getting responses you can target users based on clicks and opens.

GetResponse helps you to send automated emails as well in case clients left their shopping cart without doing the checkout.

You can purchase GetResponse from this link.

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