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What is English Language?

The word “English” can refer to several things:

  • English is one of the many languages in the world (e.g. Mandarin, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Serbian, Croatian, Italian, Greek, Latin, Dutch, Japanese). English is the language used by pilots and air traffic controllers around the world (e.g. “I speak English and another language”).
  • “English” can also be the name of a class at school (e.g. “School is a challenge, so I plan to learn a lot more for my English and history exams”).
  • “English” can refer to people or places in England (for example, “The English countryside is beautiful this time of year!”). He would have to consult with the British about the correct use of “English” versus “British”.
  • “English” can refer to people from the country of England (e.g. “The English like afternoon tea, right?”).

How you can improve your English Grammer?

Work out! Work out! Work out!

Practice/Work out is the key!

Remember that language is an art form and that art needs to be practiced. You often have to practice your language (no matter what language you want to speak) to improve.

Here I list some things that I follow to improve my English. They can also be useful for you.

  • Listen to a podcast every day

Podcasts are great. You can download them to your iPod, phone, or computer for free. You can listen to podcasts while going to work, sports, or at home. There are many podcasts to choose from on iTunes. In addition to listening to podcasts to learn the English language (like the English Tonight podcast), you need to find the podcasts that interest you. If you are interested in football, business or marketing, there are many podcasts to listen to. When you listen to podcasts on different topics, you stay busy while listening and studying at the same time.

  • Be passionate about language

One very important thing to learn a language is to be passionate from the heart. Even if you can’t feel this bond, don’t worry, stick to your plan, read a lot, and you will eventually develop interest.

  • Change the language of your computer

Try to change the computer’s operating system, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to English

You can also change the language of the operating system on your computer, tablet or any social media site you use from your mother tongue to English. like Facebook or Twitter. Again, you will immediately learn new English vocabulary.

  • Read or see the news in English articles

You may already see or read the news daily. Try it in English now. BBC, CNN or Google News. You will continue your “good” habit of staying informed about what’s going on in the world while improving your reading and / or listening in English.

  • Activate English Subtitles on your TV or DVD

Check whether you can activate the English subtitles on your TV. If you have cable or satellite television, it is helpful to watch English programs with subtitles. Before watching a DVD, check if it contains English subtitles. You can find this function in the main menu of the DVD or sometimes the remote control has a “subtitle” button. If you can hear and see the words at the same time, improve your listening and listening comprehension in English.

  • Listen to music in English and learn the letters

Listening to music in English is great, but struggling to understand all the words they sing? The fight no longer! You can find lyrics to many songs on these two websites: A to Z Lyrics Universe, your music community with the largest database of search texts. or you can search for the letter in Google or in your preferred search engine.

  • Read more in English: news, blogs, books, magazines

There is tons of information printed in English, either on the Internet or in real physical books and magazines. Read something in English that is challenging and interesting. There are many free materials. You can often download books for free from the Amazon Kindle Store. You don’t have a Kindle or iReader yet? Don’t worry, there is an application that you can download and read from your computer.

  • Write in English every day in a newspaper

Practice writing every day. Practicing English for five or ten minutes a day will help you. Write what you did every day in English or write a story. You have no idea? Check here -> English writing instructions.

  • Learn at least one new word in English every day

Would you like to expand your vocabulary in English? Excellent! Check out these Word-of-the-Day websites: here, here or here. Some of the words are quite complex, but you’re guaranteed to expand your vocabulary by visiting them every day.

  • Practice daily

Try to find someone to speak English with. be it a friend, family member or colleague of your work. The more you practice speaking English, the better you will understand. It becomes more natural for you and you become less nervous when you need to speak English. You don’t have anyone to speak English with? You can try visiting these iTalki websites, Verbling, MyLanguageExchange, or sign up for an online group conversation course in English if you really want to improve your English.

  • Some Books

The power of words that Norman Lewis made easy

Wren and Martin High School English grammar

Understand and use English grammar by Betty Schrampfer Azar


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