Apple's Phone Support Lags Behind Samsung and Google

Apple’s Phone Support Lags Behind Samsung and Google

Last Updated on: 6th June 2024, 03:18 pm

Apple is known for its long-term software support for iPhones, but the company has never officially announced the exact duration.

This is quite different from the Android industry, where almost all manufacturers specify a software support period. For example, Google and Samsung offer seven years of support for their flagship devices, ensuring that their latest premium phones will be supported until 2030 and beyond.

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New regulations in the UK have forced Apple to announce a minimum support period for its iPhone 15 series, specifically the iPhone 15 Pro Max, as seen in the screenshot below. Apple has committed to five years of support.

Although the term is two years shorter than its main competitors, this term only represents the minimum support guaranteed by Apple and can be extended beyond five years as before.

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This is the first time Apple has provided information on the subject, although not through an official global announcement as Android manufacturers usually do. Instead, this information came indirectly. Still, this disclosure provides a benchmark to compare Apple’s support with that of Android.

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