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National MDCAT 2020 Result Announced By PMC (Check Here)

Both MDCAT Results 2020 Will Be Announced Together : PMC Ordered

The Sindh High Court ordered the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) on Thursday to jointly release the MDCAT results 2020 of its two placement tests, one for students affected by the coronavirus on 13 December and the other on November 29.

The guidelines were issued by the SHC, led by Judge Nadeem Akhtar, in his detailed judgment on a motion to repeal the MDCAT.

PMC Vice President, PMC VP Barrister Ali Raza had previously told that the results of students taking the entrance exam on November 29 will be announced in 10 days during the exam for those candidates who are positive for the coronavirus, it was scheduled for December 13.

In its ruling, the SHC pointed out that taking the subject tests on two different dates could not be considered illegal or ultraviolet under the PMC Law, since the PMC Council had approved a separate test for students suffering from coronavirus.

Previously, the court had promptly rejected the request to repeal the two separate placement tests for students applying to medical and dental colleges and universities, and instructed the PMC to ensure that all standard surgical procedures related to the Covid pandemic- 19 Government must be strictly followed in letter and spirit.

MDCAT Results 2020

Petitioners Syed Ahmed Maaz and others had put forward in the petition that the PMC had issued an official announcement for medical students taking the MDCAT 2020 entry test to take place on two different dates, in violation of the law.

His lawyer Jibran Nasir had announced that the PMC had announced in the announcement that a test would be conducted on November 29 for those students who do not have Covid-19, while the other test would be on December 13 for those students. who did this were declared positive for Covid-19 in the last two weeks.

The lawyer alleged that the contested decision violated the PMC law, which allows for a single MDCAT 2020 test. It was argued that the subject examination should be conducted for all applicants at the same time, so there should be a criterion for evaluating the performance of all applicants and assigning grades to them.

He argued that holding examinations on two different dates would affect the criteria for evaluating applicants’ performance. He had insisted that all candidates be examined on the same day at two different locations.

PMC’s attorney, Zeeshan Abdullah, had issued a statement on behalf of PMC saying the decision was made in light of the increase in the number of Covid-19 patients and consequently the well-being of the students. He had also presented evidence supporting the PMC’s decision to conduct separate examinations for students.

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